You have a large network of friends in business ?
Now any businesses looking for assistance in applying for loan ?

If you do, just introduce to us. We can help them get the loan. And in return you can earn a referral commission of 0.5% to 5% of the loan amount. Example if the loan size is RM 500,00, you earn between RM2,500.00 to RM 25,000.

请问您有朋友要找贷款吗?一个赚钱的好机会,您可以介绍您的朋友给我们。 如果生意谈成,您有一笔介绍费介于贷款的0.5%到5%。例子:如果贷款数目是 RM500,000,您就有RM2,500到RM25,000的介绍费

Earn extra income !

Loan details:
Business Loans / Trade Facilities / Overdraft / Personal Loan / Caveat
Loan size : RM 10,000 and above
Processing time: about 1 to 7 working day
All information will be kept confidential


Short term loan are applicable for following item:
  • Shop lot - Less than market value 60%
  • Residential house - Less than market value 50%
  • Land - Less than market value 40%
  • Gold
  • Bird Nest product | (各式商品抵押,最低利息5%)