Our corporate loan is open to all business owner/business entities who in need of cash for your existing business operations. You may need to use the money to cover/settle your Overdraft (OD), Banker's Acceptance (BA), Letter of Credit (LC), Banker's Guarantee (BG), Security Deposit's (SD), Fixed or Term loan, acquisition of goods in bulk, expanding your business, bank transfers/transaction, business transaction with credit and etc.

Get approved in 48 hours. 48小时内办妥所有需求.

我们的商业贷款是开放给所有需现金操作业务的业务拥有者或任何商业团体。您可能需要使用这笔钱来覆盖Overdraft (OD),Banker's Acceptance (BA), Letter of Credit (LC), Banker's Guarantee (BG), Security Deposits (SD), Fixed or Term Loan,货源收购,扩展您的生意,银行转帐,生意赊账信用交易或其它。 若要符合我们的服务,您需要是在马来西亚拥有任何有效公司或企业和业务操作至少1年的人士(马来西亚或外国人),那些业务少过1年但有较强业务背景,收入或工程的可被考虑。

Document Needed / 需要资料
  • Borang 24/49
  • M&A (Memorandum of Article & Association
  • 6 month latest bank statement
    ( Saving or current account )
  • Latest water & Electrical Bill
  • Business Registration (SSM)

Loan Enquiry Form | 贷款咨询表格